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Home Office Organization Ideas On A Budget (Within $200-$300)

After the Covid situation, most of us had to do our work from home. That’s why most of us are thinking about organizing a home office. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get a full-furnished home office. Everyone seeks an affordable option.

We feel confused about what we need and how we can decorate a home office. You can repurpose furniture, make DIY stuff, recolor the old decorations, use the ladder desk, and many more.

In this article, we’ll discuss home office organization ideas on a budget to make things easier.

Pick A Space And Repurpose Furniture

The most common suggestion you’ll get about home office organization is to repurpose.
You don’t have to buy every furniture newly for your home office. Rather how much you can repurpose determines the fact that how cheap your home office set up will be.
So, see what you can form from the things that you already have in your house.
You can cover some jars with printed paper and use them as pen holders. If you have a chair, you can use it.
After repurposing, look at which furniture you can use by brightening or coloring. You can use a table as your desk if you have budget issues.

Wall Decoration

Once you are done with the previous part, it’s time to decorate your room and get some new stuff.
Let’s start with the wall.
Wall decoration is an important factor that determines the look of your home office.
You can either utilize your wall to increase the beauty of the room or use it as storage of your stuff.
If you have kids or you love to paint, you can decorate the wall with those arts.
There are some other ways you can make this decoration within budget. 

Customized Working Wall Calendar

Calendars should be an important inclusion in your home office as it helps to keep track of your schedules.
So, it would be best if you placed a calendar on your wall.
You should use calendars that have space to write down any upcoming plans.
For the home office, it’s best to make a customized wall calendar. It will increase the beauty of the space and help you at the same time.
You’ll get DIY calendar frames from Amazon or other online shops easily.
Create the boxes with white chalk or tape, and the dates can be written either in an erasable link or pinned with sticky notes.

Fill The Wall With Floating Shelves

You can also attach floating shelves to your wall. Use as many shelves as you need to keep your books and other must-haves. 

Putting Inspirational Quotes

Everyone has their favorite quotes and phrases, and putting them on the wall will help you motivate and dress up the space.
To get this done without spending much money, first, print the quotes or write them on colorful paper.
You’ll get cheap but nice frames from Amazon and other shops. Frame those printed quotes.
It will save a lot of money that you would have to expend if you were to buy prints in the store.

Organizing and Adding Storage

Organizing the home office is the most difficult task for many of us. It’s never that easy.
You can follow hundreds of ways to organize your home office according to your likes and dislikes.
But first, you should clean the space properly and determine what things to keep and what not to.
Once you are done doing this, you can go with the following ways to organize the home office.


At the very first, you’ll need a desk from where you’ll do your work mainly.
Depending on your choice and purpose, you can buy a secretary desk, ladder desk, or simply a writing desk.
Secretary desks have a top that can be folded down to cover the workspace when not in use.
Ladder desks have a workspace at the bottom and shelves above, which are connected by two slide pieces, like a ladder.
You can easily find some of the best desks at a lower price.


Now that you have got a desk, you need a chair to sit on.
An ergonomic chair will always help as you have the chance to relax with them.
Modway articulate ergonomic chair, Homall executive leather chair, etc., are two of the best budget chairs.
You can also buy a yoga chair. Those chairs will help you get some exercise during work. It will keep you focused and active.
You’ll easily get these chairs within $20-$30.

Add Shelves

Sometimes we don’t have enough space in our home to keep closets and other chunky furniture.
They are quite expensive also.
But don’t worry at all. You can use shelves to keep your things. 

Organize items on cubby shelves

Another good tool to organize your inventories is cubbies.
If you have many things to store or if you want to display items to your guests, a cubby is the best tool to use.
The symmetric design of cubbies makes a good appearance. So, most of the people love to keep them in their home office.
Some cubby bookshelves also come with drawers to keep papers or other important things. 

Use Paper Holders

The desktop paper holder is an indispensable part of any home office. You can keep all the papers lingering around your workspace here.

Creating An Organizational Station

Try to keep enough space on the top of your desk to read, write and work by hanging organizers straight to your wall.
Attach a corkboard and keep your calendar, schedule, or to-do list in clear view there.
Keep peel and sticky chalkboard straight to your desk. It will improve your efficiency and save your time.
You can use different labels on different containers to have a tidy room.
Many people also use colorful files and keep different data in different colored files. These tricks help to find things quickly. 

Final Words

An organized home office helps us to be organized to our work. If the office is cluttered, it’s hard to concentrate on our works.
That’s why we always need a good environment in our home office to be more efficient and more productive.
After reading this article, you’ll get home office organization ideas on a budget that will not break your bank.
So, make your home office and start working! Don’t forget to let us know about your choice of decorating items for working from home. 

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