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How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk?

Hiding computer wires is crucial for a person who just set up his gear. It all boils down to reducing the number of wires you have, grouping them, and anchoring them beneath your desk.

Many questions come in this case. What’s the best way to hide computer cords? How do you hide them if you have a glass desk? Should you install a floor outlet? When your workstation is in the middle of the room, how can you hide computer cords?

In this article, I will address all these questions for you. So stay tuned!

Tools You Will Need

Before getting down with the process, arrange the following tools. I will be mentioning a few different processes. So, all the tools may not be necessary. But keep them in your periphery. This list will give you a general idea :

  1. Velcro Straps
  2. Velcro Ties
  3. Cable Tray
  4. Zip-tie Mounts
  5. Nails, Drill & Screwdriver (if drilling is necessary for any tray).
  6. Wall Mount Power Bar
  7. Clear Cable Clips
  8. Clear Zip Ties

How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk?

Here is the step by step process to hide your cable on a glass desk:

Step-1: Positioning

Identify the position of the electric outlet and the position of the components on your glass table. Pick an outlet that is in the most direct route to the electronic components.

Step-2: Camouflage

Stand at different angles of the room. Check which spot is the most viewed from almost all corners of the room. Now pick the spot to set up a cable tray avoiding this spot (as best you can).

Pro tip? Use a pretty houseplant, maybe something tall. This easily camouflages the wired network.

Step-3: Set Up the Cable Plate

Identify the position of the used outlets. Make sure you’ve set up the components so that the wires don’t fall in the most visible place.

Now set up the tray perpendicularly. Paint the tray to match the wall’s color if needed.

Step-4: Tie Up Wire

Use Velcro ties and strips to tie the wire in place. Tie it in a way that they do not get compressed way too much.

Produce the least amount of coiling or double coiling. Tie it in the position of the cable plate. Now put the lid on.

Step-5: Hide Wires Along with the Stands

Take the excess wire or any single left-out wires and arrange them along with the corner stands or metal braces behind the glass of the table. Put Velcro along to keep them in place.

Not just corner strands, you can use any part of the table, behind which you can Velcro the wire.

Step-6: Decorate The Desk

Adding decorations on the desk can help hide those unsightly cables. The cords will inevitably be visible due to the transparent nature of the desk. So, some desktop decor will be your best friend.

More Creative Ways to Hide Wires on a Glass Desk

Here are some creative ways to hide wires:

Cloth Socks

Do I have a suggestion for you if you’ve ever seen those fabric “socks” they produce to cover hanging ceiling light strings!

If you have, then make one that matches the color of your wall or is just a neutral hue. Instead of stitching the seam, use Velcro to keep dust bunnies at bay and access your cords.

They’re available at lighting stores as well as big-box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Personally, I’d go to the fabric store and make my own.

Hide Behind Furniture

If you have furniture like a show cabinet or any solid furniture hiding everything, put all the cable there. Just tie the wires, drag from the outlet, put a plastic bag on top (to avoid dusting) and keep it there.

Short Folding Screen/ Fake Wall Panel

Use this to hide the wires behind. Perhaps a tiny folding screen or a false wall panel that stands alone.

To create an architectural element to the back of your desk that faces the room, it might be a solid wood panel, painted, stenciled, or with molding accents. This can be used to hide the wire mesh.

PVC Pipe

This is not so preferable. But you can give it a try. Assess first if it works with your desk outlook.


Keep a small basket and tie the wires within. It serves good aesthetics as well as hiding your wires.

How to Hide Computer Wires When Your Desk Is in The Center of The Room?

Install a power strip on the side of the desk that is closest to the door. As a result, whether entering the room or sitting at the desk, no power bar would be displayed. In addition, the power bar would be easy to reach.

This setup would allow for both ‘permanent’ objects such as the desk lamp, monitor, CPU which would be plugged in once and not moved. And also ‘movable’ goods such as the laptop, which could be quickly plugged in and disconnected.

With screw-mounted cable clips, the extension wire was secured beneath the desk’s lip. Use transparent zip ties to keep the cord nice and taut down the leg. If it’s the same color as the desk, that’s fantastic. Repaint if it’s a different color!

How to Hide Computer Wires Under the Rug?

This may sound weird but this is also an option! Cut the rug in a place to hide the wires, after securing the cut area with duct tape. This reduces the chance of tripping over a wire. Make sure the rug is cheap enough.

Consider encasing the cord in a silicone cord protector if you want further protection (and don’t mind it being visible under the carpet).

Is It Possible To Reduce The Amount Of Stuff You’re Plugging In?

Consider how you can get rid of cords. Is it possible to go wireless or have dual-purpose plug-in items?

For example, a table lamp includes a USB port, which eliminates the need to put your phone charger into an outlet. Instead, simply plug it into your desk lamp. Buy one of those sleek desk lamps. Those that go a step further by including a wireless charging strip for charging your phone wirelessly.

A cordless rechargeable table lamp, a wireless monitor with a wireless charging stand, and even a wireless keyboard and mouse are all options.

The fewer visual cords you can cut, the more pleasant your work environment will be.

How to Clean the Wire Mesh from Beneath a Table

When wires are left to sit beneath the desk, they can easily collect dust. When a group of cables is bundled together, it attracts even more dust.

To clean the wires, dust the wires under a desk regularly. You can use a variety of dusters. However, it’s preferable to use a little duster that can fit into tight spots.

Microfiber is the most effective material for cleaning them. This sort of material is extremely absorbent and adaptable to a wide range of cleaning applications.

A compressed air duster is another option for cleaning the wiring beneath your desk. With a rapid spray of compressed air, it is possible to quickly blast off the cords. The extended nozzle allows access to difficult-to-reach areas.

Final Words

When your desk is made of glass, hiding computer connections is difficult but not impossible. This does necessitate some little furniture damage, but the value of having a cord-free home office or computer setup is worth it to me.

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