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5 Best Glass Desk For Home Office: Review And Buying Guide

The glass desk can give your home office a sophisticated look. The transparency makes the desks visually light in your decor arrangement. And the best part is these desks are easy to move than the wooden pieces. The aesthetic glass desks can be later used as home decor furniture.

Since there are delicate to use and all of them come with various designs, it will be hard for you to choose the right one.

Don’t worry! Today I have brought the 5 best glass desk for home office. Scroll down and check out the right one for you.

Now, have a quick look at my top-picked products:

With 110Ibs weight capacity and 24*47*30 inches dimensions, this desk stands out from all other desks for the modern style and adaptable features, making it one of the best glass desks out there. This C-shape table is right for your small office.

The Flexispot EG8 glass desk is one of the best glass desks for home offices make sure you have a safe and tidy experience overall. It also keeps your comfort in mind with its height adjustment feature. Largely, it is a desk you will not regret buying.

If you’re not a heavy desk user and looking for a fashionable desk that would do the job, then this is the best option that you should grab. If you have constraints in your budget, you can go for this one. This comes with kind of similar dimensions to our first choice. 

This rectangular-shaped table comes with around 21.6”x 43.3”x 29.5” dimensions. The versatility and style of this table are a major stand-out in this case.

All in all, the Ryan Rove Glass desktop is a sophisticated desk with a durable frame. It has a great space-saving feature that is unique. The L-shaped desk is a great addition to your home office.

How To Choose The Best Glass Desk For Home Office (The Buying Guide)

Glass desks are the literal definition of class and sophistication. These desks leave an elegant and professional touch to any home or office interior.

Presently, there are several designs, styles, and types of glass desks to choose from in the market.

To select the best glass desk for the home office, we need to consider several features which will help us to sort out what we need. This buying will help to serve that purpose.

Stability and Durability:

The Stability and Durability of the desk are judged by the type of material that is used for manufacturing the desk.

If the framework of the table is made of strong materials such as steel, teak, etc., then it will reflect the durability of the desk.

The proper construction of desks such as the size of the metal tubing, frame, leg strength, etc. is the factor that determines whether the table will be able to hold up even in uneven terrain.

So, know the details of the materials of any desk properly before you end up buying it.


Glass is an exquisite material that comes at a premium price range. So, before buying glass desks make sure you have enough budget.

Now, the price of the desk may vary depending on its size.

A larger desk usually costs more. Price also depends on the type of leg frame a table has. A sturdy leg frame usually comes with a hefty price tag.


Glass desks usually come in three prime colors- white, frosted, and black. Generally, your white glass desk will have a green hue because of the content of iron in the glass.

So, if you want to look something less green then go for a glass with less iron content.

The Thickness Of The Glass:

Normally, glass tops of 10mm thickness are more common in the market. Thicker glass will indicate the durability of the glass top along with other features.

However, a thicker glass will dramatically increase the weight of the desk. A glass of 10mm thickness weighs about 45kg while 12mm thick glass weighs 54kg which is quite a drastic change.

Size Of The Room:

The size of the room is an essential element to consider. The room must be spacious enough to hold the desk without making the room look cramped or sacrificing the interior design.

However, it is not the size of the room that is to be considered only, you should also consider the access point from where the desk will arrive that is, the staircase. It should be large enough to fit and easily deliver the table. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to get the desk inside at all.


Glass desks are usually comfortable to work on. Its heaviness will ensure that the glass does not accidentally fall off the frame. So, you don’t need to worry about a wobbly glass top.


It is very important to choose a desk that blends in perfectly with your home or office interior. Glass itself has a classy look to it that fits well in any room.

However, before buying make sure that it maintains your aesthetics. If you want you can add color sheets to match your interior palate. 

These are a few things you can consider before diving to buy a glass desk. These factors will help you to choose the best glass desk for your home office.

Top 5 Best Glass Desks for Home Office: My Honest Review

Do you to get the small rectangular one or the large L-shaped desk? Check out our recommendations and thank us later!

A Quick Overview

ProductsKnocbel ContemporaryFlexispot EG8Tempered GlassbonVIVO MassimoRyan Rove Belmac  
Height Adjustments –Yesnonono
Dimension24*47*30 inches.23.3”x 47.3”x 47.6”  43*22*30 inches.21.6”x 43.3”x 29.5”57”x 57”x 33” 

1. Knocbel Contemporary Computer Desk: Best Overall


  • Dimensions: 24*47*30 inches.
  • Weight: 59 pounds.
  • Shape: C shape.
  • Mounting type: Tabletop.
  • Top Material Type: Glass.
  • Style: Contemporary

This simple and appealing Knocbel Contemporary Computer Desk Home comes with an 8mm metal open base with a tempered glass top to give a contemporary style. It can carry around 110Ibs weight. For your small office, this one is a perfect addition. 


From the first look at the Knocbel Contemporary Computer desk, the essence of its simplicity can be understood.

This desk has a few structural features to it with a glass top that reflects natural light and glamour. The body is comparatively lightweight which makes it easier to move and work with.

Considering all this, the desk is actually the ultimate minimalistic writing desk.


While the desk’s structure and features talk about its simplicity it doesn’t lack modernity.

With the ongoing modern trend of desks being clear and open it really goes with the flow.

As your writing desk, it would increase the beauty of your home office or your study room. Thus, if you’re trying to find a desk that would match your modern interior this is a good choice.

Well Built

Glass desks are not usually used roughly for issues with durability. Now, this desk has an 8 mm tempered glass top and metal frame which makes it pretty tough. So, you can write on this desk for a long without worry.

The Good

Knocbel Contemporary Computer desk is very simple yet gorgeous. The glass top sets an open vibe to the desk and enlightens the environment of the room. 

The Bad

The desk can be too fragile for heavy use. As the top is made of glass putting heavy stuff can cause destruction. And it can be too simple if you don’t prefer minimalism in your writing desk.


This desk stands out from all other desks for its modern style and adaptable features, making it one of the best glass desks out there.

2. Flexispot EG8 Glass Standing Desk: A Super-Efficient desk


  • Dimensions: 23.3”x 47.3”x 47.6”
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Top Material Type: Glass
  • Style: Sophisticated Modern Style
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 110 pounds

The Flexispot EG8 glass standing desk is a multi-functional desk where you can work with style on an elegantly designed modern tempered glass top that ensures both superiority and durability.

It also makes sure that you get a superior level of safety and comfort. Not to mention, the fast electric height adjustment of the desk makes it stand out from the rest. 

Height Adjustments:

The desk can go from 28.3” to 47.6” within a jiffy with the help of a robust motor. The 2.6” thick tabletop can transition with the press of a button because of this feature.


The standing desk can save up to four programmable height presets which can be quite handy. It has a child lock button to prevent accidental touch by your children or by pets.

This desk has three embedded USB ports to charge up to three devices without any mess or hassle.

Ample Storage Space:

There is a storage drawer that is entrenched with the desktop to store all your belongings. It does not only make sure that you have a tidy surrounding but also blends with the overall style of the desk.

The Good:

The Flexispot desk is a good desk all-in-all not only for the style factor but also for its functionality and unique features. It makes sure you have a super safe experience. The desk also has a quite durable construction. The height adjustment feature is also quick and outstanding.

The Bad:

The parts of the table will arrive in two separate packages for safety. However, it takes a long time which is quite inconvenient.


The Flexispot EG8 glass desk is one of the best glass desks for home offices make sure you have a safe and tidy experience overall. It also keeps your comfort in mind with its height adjustment feature. Largely, it is a desk you will not regret buying.

3. Tempered Glass Computer Desk: The Affordable One


  • Dimension: 43*22*30 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Top Material Type: Glass
  • Furniture Finish: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Glass Thickness: 0.4 inches

If you have constraints in your budget, you can go for this one. This comes with kind of similar dimensions to our first choice. 


The size of this desk is one of the smallest ones of its type. You can place this desk in a small corner of your room. For its size when put in a room, makes the room look larger.

This is actually a perfect writing desk for your study room. You can also work on your computer by putting it on the desk.

Distinctive design

The frame of this desk is made of silver-colored metal. This metal frame is X-shaped making the desk look really fashionable and modern. It won’t have any problem fitting in your modern interior.

Excellent Temperament

The glass top is 0.4 inches thick and tempered. This feature actually makes this desk excellent considering the temperament.

Along with its durability, the desk also looks clear and open. If you’re looking for a desk to use for a long time while caring for looks, this is the best option.

The Good

Ultimately this desk can be used for your writing or operating a computer as well as studying. It will make your room look bigger and modern. 

The bad

As the desk is small in size, performing certain jobs on it can be difficult.


If you’re not a heavy desk user and looking for a fashionable desk that would do the job, then this is the best option that you should grab.

4. bonVIVO Massimo Small Desk: A Modern Addition for Workplace


  • Dimension: 21.6”x 43.3”x 29.5”
  • Weight: 58.9 pounds
  • Color: White/ Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Style: Modern
  • Top Material Type: Glass

The bonVIVO Massimo desk is the perfect desk for your bedroom or office for adding a contemporary flair to your modern house or office interior.

It is a multi-function desk that can serve various purposes. The desk ensures maximum durability at all times. Even, the assembly or installation of this small desk will not disappoint you.


This little table can be used as a writing desk, an office table, for playing games, etc. You can also use it as a reading table for helping you pass this semester. 

Made to last:

The frame of this desk is built in a way to make sure that it lasts for a long time. The tabletop features robust, shatter-proof glass to ensure durability.

There is also an MDF lacquered wood as a storage desk to keep your essentials tidy. The bamboo legs of this desk might be light but they are stable enough to support your laptops and computers. 

Easy Assembly:

The parts of the desk come with everything you need to install them properly. There is flat-packed detailed instruction to help you get the job done within 15-20 minutes.

The Good:

This desk is not only an elegant addition to uplift your home interior but also a sturdy piece of furniture. It can be used for various purposes and by various age-group. You can also be assembled easily.

The Bad:

Despite the claims of durability, the bamboo legs are quite wobbly which can cause a serious accident in later events. It is better to place the desk adjacent to a wall for extra support.


We can finally summarize that the bonVIVO is one of the best glass desks for home office despite its many cons. The versatility and style of this table are a major stand-out in this case.

5. Ryan Rove Belmac Glass Modern L-Shaped Desk: A Space-Saving desk


  • Dimension: 57”x 57”x 33” 
  • Weight: 76 Pounds
  • Color: Black frame and Clear Glass
  • Style: Modern
  • Shape: L-shaped
  • Finish type: Clear glass
  • Top Material type: Glass

The Ryan Rove Belmac Glass L-shaped Corner desk is a desk that fixates completely on saving space with its l-shaped structure and other features like the sliding keyboard tray, autonomous CPU stand, etc.

It also has a durable and sophisticated design that complements the feature more. Overall, it is a fantastic desk with both a stylish exterior and a durable frame. 

Space-saving L-shaped desk:

The desk comes with a space-saving L-shaped exterior that looks incredible in your home without cramping up the place.

It also comes with a universal, autonomous CPU stand to move your computer tower from one place to another.

The sliding keyboard tray on either side of the desktop has ample space to keep your keyboard.

Durable frame:

The durable frame of the desk features a custom C-frame made of steel with metal tubing to ensure stability. The black finish on the exterior ensures longevity at the same time. 

Chic design:

The overall design of the desk is quite elegant adding a contemporary modern flair to your room.

On the other hand, the 6mm thick tempered safety glass has been polished and beveled to be used as a perfect corner desk to enhance the beauty of any office setup.

The Good: 

The desk specializes mainly in saving space and durability. it also has a trendy up-to-the-date design that swoons people easily. The Ryan Rove desk is an amazing desk that also considers your safety to a great extent with tempered safety glass.

The Bad:

The Ryan Rove desks do not come with enough space to set up a large-sized keyboard or other office items which could be quite a hassle.


All in all, the Ryan Rove Glass desktop is a sophisticated desk with a durable frame. It has a great space-saving feature that is unique. Overall, it is one of the best glass desks for home offices.


Are Glass desks safe?

The Glass desks are usually toughened to make them strong enough to hold a large quantity of weight. Even if the toughened glass breaks it will form blunt fragments to prevent injuries.

Are glass desks comfortable?

Glass desks are quite ergonomic making sure that you get maximum comfort as you work on the desk. On the other hand, a glass desk is heavy making that it is stable in all terrains.

This heavy nature also prevents any injury from happening. The slightest accidents will not be able to make it tumble. Overall, we can say that a glass desk is a very comfortable desk to select.

How much can a tempered glass hold?

A 5mm thick tempered glass can hold up to 110 pounds that is 49kgs. So, you can guess the load-bearing capacity of a 10mm glass which could be twice or more than the 5mm one. As the thickness of the glass increases so does its load-bearing capacity.


Did you find your one from the list of best glass desk for home office?

Glass desks are generally lighter than wooden desks. Additionally, these desks give a light and airy appearance to your office. However, these can be pricey. So, choose one carefully for your home office.

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