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5 Best Home Office 2 Person Desk Reviews

When you and your wife are working from home simultaneously, a two-person desk will be an ergonomic choice. You can share a limited space quite efficiently. The desk should be according to your height, practical in design, and come with sufficient storage.

Since there are naturally a ton of styles and shapes with various price points, it can be difficult to choose one according to your needs. Do you want to go for the L-shaped one or the face-to-face one or the side-by-side design?

So, I have come up with 5 best home office 2 person desk to cater to the needs of all customers. Scroll down and choose yours!

Now check out my recommended products at a glance below:

Design is simple, supported by metal legs, very good cable management system, offers convenience for anyone who wants to work in groups at home.

Big enough 89” desk, retro rustic look, added storage to hold your books, laptop, or any other accessories. This table can be used as a computer table, working desk, reading table, exhibition table, meeting table, etc.

Large work surface, two layers of storage space, Construction is sturdy. This table an all-in-one combo pack of double desks, hutch, drawing board, and storage shelves.

Made of engineered wood, organized shelfs, spacious flat top drawers to help organize important files, books, or other accessories. And this desk has three of them. 

The shelf is quite spacious for two people to put their important files or accessories. You can also keep your CPU in case of using a computer on the desk. 

How To Choose The Best 2 Person Desk?

Two-person home office desks let two people work with one desk. You should consider a few factors to get the best one for you. Here, I have brought you a buying guide for the best home office 2 person desk. 

Desk Size

The first thing you should consider is the size of the desk. The typical length of a two-person home office desk is 78 inches. But you’ll get bigger and smaller desks.

To determine the best size for you, you should consider a few factors. The available space you have should be the top priority. Try to buy a desk that comfortably fits your space.

Besides, the equipment that you have to accommodate and the chair size should also be in your mind. Again, there are different shapes for the desk. You can get square, round, L, and many other different shapes here.


Laminated particle board or MDF or wood-finished glossy materials are really suitable for office desks. It is affordable and smooth to ensure a working environment.

You can even paint the MDF a different color if you want to redecorate the home office. You can also get a metal desk that is generally made with a steel frame and has fittings of brass or copper popping up.

Healthy Posture

You’ll have to sit for hours at your desk when you have a long workday. That’s why you should maintain a healthy posture so that you can prevent muscle strain and back pain.

Set a rubber grip on the downside of the desk. Use chairs that will support your back and place your knees slightly lower than your hips.

The placement of parallel wrist and forearms with the floor will give you comfort with better posture.

Storage Space

Maybe you have to keep your documents or personal files on your desk for your amenities.

Most of the two-person desks have their storage shelves on the sides or in the middle.

Make sure the desk comes with a good external storage capacity. You can choose an extra drawer or shelf attached to your table.


Many of us want to move the desk in front of the window when it’s a rainy day. So, you can consider whether the table is easy to move or not.

However, two-person desks need space and hence they will be bulky So it should not be a big issue. 


Finally, you know how much you can spend. So try to find the best features within your budget.

Top 5 Home Office Two Person Desk: My Honest Review

Do you want to go for the ones with drawers or want something open? Check out our options and let us know!

1. Bestier L Shaped Industrial Desk 95.2 Inch: The Best Overall


  • Dimensions: 59.4″(L) * 23.6″(W) * 29.1″(H)
  • Weight: 57 lb
  • Material: Engineered wood
  • Shape: L-shape

The Bestier L-shaped desk offers ample space for multiple screens and electronics. This minimalist desk can also be used as 4-person Long Desk as it can be converted to 95.2-inch reversible corner computer desk. 

Great configuration

This retro desk is made of particleboard which is P2 grade standard. This desk is super sturdy with a combination of a wide steel tube and metal X-crossbar frame. There are also adjustable footpads. 

The top is covered with faux wood grain melamine. However, you need to take care of the wooden part otherwise it will deteriorate day by day. 


If we look at the arrangements of the desk, it can be used both two-person desk and four-person desk.

So, you can place this in the corner as l shaped desk which will be 59.4” long. Or you can change the settings and make it a 95.2 inches long desk in a large space. 

Under the desk, there is ample space to put your CPU and other stuff.


The desk won’t look messy at all of its 3 plastic cable holes for cable management. 

Things I Like

Within an affordable price tag, this Bestier L-shaped desk is the best deal. From two-person to four-person, this desk can be used for working together. The place will be free of mess for the perfect 3-hole cable management.

Things I Don’t Like

You need to take the proper care of the wooden surface. Or it will get worsen easily. 


While the design may be simple, it offers convenience for anyone who wants to work in groups at home. The cable management is a nice addition to it. The desk is supported by metal legs which ensure stability and durability. There are various colors to choose from as well. 

2. Tribesigns Two Person Computer Desk with Bookshelf: A Stylish Solution to Small Space


  • Dimensions: 23.62”x 88.97”x 55.9”
  • Weight: 72.75lbs
  • Color: Rustic
  • Shape: Rectangular 
  • Style: Vintage Country Rustic
  • Carrying Capacity:  325lbs
  • Top Material Type: Metal and Engineered wood

The Tribesigns two-person computer desk with bookshelf is a great way to resolve the issue of small spaces in your humble abode or your workplace.

It is an 89” desk that is perfect for accommodating people comfortably. The desk has a retro rustic look to it that makes elevates the beauty of any room.

Not to mention, the storage bookshelf that has ample space to hold your accessories.

Storage function

The tribe signs two-person workstations that feature a 5 tiers storage bookshelf for well-organized and well-accessible.

It has displays of storage to provide you enough space to hold about anything without sacrificing the elegance of a room and making it look cramped.

The desk is quite multi-functional because of its powerful storage function. It can be used as a computer table for two people, a writing table, a meeting table, a training table, etc. 

Classic retro design with high-quality materials

The desk comes with a classic rustic finish with industrial lines that blends it in any surroundings making the room more classy overall.

It does not only come with a sophisticated design but also a durable construction. The table features strong and reinforced metal legs that make it more long-lasting and stable.

The metal legs of the table have leg pads attached to maintain stability even on uneven surfaces. It has a 2.5 cm particle board with a glossy finish that can hold up to 325lbs which is quite incredible.

The particleboard has a premium finish that is wear-resistant, heat-resistant as well as easy to clean. 

Easy to assemble

This two-person workstation is easy to assemble which will take you about less than 30 minutes or so. All the hardware and instructions are given to assist you to complete the task.

Even, the installation is easy for you. It will be finished before you can even break a sweat.

Things I Like

The Tribesigns workstations are awesome from every perspective. Notably, its stylish exterior fits well in any room and contrasts with any style.

The premium finish of the table is wear-free, heat-resistant, and also easy to clean.

Not to mention, its overall construction that ensures both durability and a great load-bearing capacity.

It comes with 2 CPU stands that fit well under your desk and also let you move your computer tower to move about conveniently.

Things I Don’t Like

Even though the desk is amazing overall and meets all your expectations yet it has its flaws. The table has a premium finish but it is not slash-proof which could be alarming. 


All in all, we can claim that the Tribesigns Two-person Workstation is one of the best home office 2 person desks which fulfills almost all criteria to provide you with an out-of-the-world experience. So, it will not be worth missing out.

3. TIYASE 78.7 inch Double Computer Desk with Storage Shelves: A Multi-functional Workstation for Two


  • Dimension: 78.7”x 22.8”x 35.4”
  • Weight: 77.7 pounds
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Top Material Type: Engineered wood
  • Color: Rustic Brown
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 450 pounds

The TIYASE double computer desk is a one-in-a-million desk with outstanding features. It is an all-in-one combo pack of double desks, hutch, drawing board, and storage shelves.

 It is a perfect workstation for two people without sacrificing much of their comfort. The desk comes with two layers of storage space to keep your office accessories and other stuff well-organized. Not to mention, the sturdy construction which is amazing. 

A multi-functional design fit for two people

The TIYASE double desk is a perfect solution if you do not have enough workspace. It allows two people to work comfortably without compromising space.

The desk is a combination of double desks, hutch, drawing board, and storage shelves which can be used for various purposes mainly as an office desk, writing desk, computer table, etc.

Super sturdy construction

The desk frame is made of strong steel which has a precise construction of 0.78”x 0.78” which ensures stability avoiding any wobbly situations.

The metal legs come with adjustable leg pads that help the desk to remain stable even in uneven terrains as well as avoid any scratch on the surface.

You can also make height adjustments to the metal legs through this feature. The double desk, on the other hand, features a water and dust resistant thick board of 0.59” which has a great weight-bearing capacity of 450lbs which is quite incredible indeed.

Adjustable drawing board

The top of the desk is suitable not only for paperwork and other office activities but also for gaming purposes.

The drawing board can tilt from flat to 800 vertical in a jiffy making sure that you have a comfortable posture while working.

The drawing board comes with a paper stopper that prevents papers from falling off while in a vertical position. It also features an anti-pinch design to prevent pinching while lifting the drawing board. 

Monitor-riser and double-layered under desk storage

There is a printer shelf at the top that frees up space for the monitor and complements space for printers, scanners, etc.

There is also a bottom shelf that can use as a CPU stand or storage for other accessories to organize your desk.

Things I Like

The TIYASE double desk comes with an innovative construction that has multiple functionalities.

It also comes with an adjustable drawing board that cares about your back and posture overall.

The desk also has an outstanding construction which is both creative and ensures durability.

The steel legs especially, that can be used to adjust the height and at the same time act as a stabilizer in uneven surfaces is worth mentioning.

Things I Don’t Like

Even though the assembly of the desk is said to be easy but no instruction for the assembly or step-by-step instructions link is not provided with the desk anywhere. This could be quite a hassle overall.


The TIYASE double desk has all the qualities to qualify as the best home office 2 person desk with all its amazing features especially. Its super study framework, adjustable drawing board, and many other exceptional features which are hard to get.

4. Tangkula Two Person 87 inch Double Computer Desk: The spacious one


  • Dimensions: 87*21.5*30 inches
  • Weight: 115 pounds
  • Material Type: Engineered wood
  • Drawer type: Utility drawer
  • Number of drawers: 3

This desk made of engineered wood has a large space to work freely. Often for lack of space work desks are unorganized which eventually ends in unsatisfactory work experience.

With Tangkula you won’t face this common problem. Other than its spacious flat top there are drawers to help organize important files, books, or other accessories. And this desk has three of them. 

Well Built

The desk can withstand up to 250 lbs without having a problem. It feels sturdy and strong as it is made of P2 engineered wood and a metal frame.

It also has foot pads that prevent slipping. Now if you don’t have plans to buy another desk soon this is best for you. 


There is an option for you to turn the desk in to L-shape. This helps put it into a corner. This feature is quite effective where there is a shortage of space.

This L-shaped desk also brings a cozy and focused vibe to your workspace. Even after assembling it to L-shape, there is enough space for two people to work freely.

Things I Like

Tangkula Two Person Desk is actually very durable with enough space for two people to work. And the assembling feature really makes it versatile.

Things I Don’t Like

If you’re expecting to put a lot of things on your work desk then this might not be the best option for you, meaning this desk is not perfectly suited for macro-level usage. 


Out of all the desks out there this can be recognized as quite a minimalistic yet spacious two-person desk that can make your work environment productive. 

5. Soges 2 Person Desk: The Simple one


  • Dimensions: 78.74*23.62*29.53 inches
  • Weight: 78.1
  • Material type: Particle wood and metal frame
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Drawers: None

The shelf is quite spacious for two people to put their important files or accessories. While this desk doesn’t have any drawers you can still keep your things organized using the layer shelf that is in the middle of the desk. You can also keep your CPU in case of using a computer on the desk. 

Strong Structure

Soges 2 person desk is built of E1 degree solid particle wood. This type of wood is highly scratch and friction-resistant.

On of that, its 0.8 mm metal frame makes this desk stable and durable. So, if you’re looking for a desk with strong built that will last longer than this is a good option for you.


This desk can be used in your home office for work purposes, for studying, gaming or writing. Its 78 inches long space really helps to work with ease.

Now, you can also use the top of the desk to keep different important papers and this won’t bother with your work area. 

Things I Like

This desk is suited for various functions. From studying to gaming and working at home. Being durable this desk can be used for a long time.

Things I Don’t Like

Lack of drawers can be a problem sometimes as the safety of your important stuff becomes an issue. Also, this desk can be too simple for heavy work. 


Soges 2 person desk reflects simplicity yet usefulness. This desk can be considered as one of the best two-person desks out there as it has the necessary features. 


So, which one is your favorite among the 5 best home office 2 person desk? An ergonomic spacious desk can give you enough room to work without causing back or neck strain. Choose a comfortable desk that enhances productivity. 

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