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How Big should a Home Office be? Complete Guide

In case you are planning to work from home or redesign your home office, knowing the exact key measurements is important. So, now the major question is, how big should a home office be? Or what might happen if you don’t pay proper attention to the sizing factor?

A home office can be any size, but the usual size is between 50 and 150 square feet. Some people, in contrast, are quite content with a home office space as tiny as 30 square feet, while others prefer a room with more than 200 square feet of storage and a workstation.

In this article, we will help you to choose the exact size for your home office without facing any of the confusing difficulties! Keep on reading to know what’s best for you.

How much space is needed per person in an office?

Depending on the office base, each specification and requirement for the office is different. Attorneys at a legal company, for example, usually work alone or host meetings with significant clients in the office. They may require more space per person.

Salespeople and consultants used to travel more frequently before COVID-19, therefore they needed less office space. Employees that conduct a lot of creative work may need more meeting space than dedicated desk space because they spend more time collaborating on projects.

Following are some common spacing areas you’ll find in the ordinary office areas-

80-100 square feet per person in common areas.
25-30 square feet per person in conference rooms.
90-150 square foot executive offices.
60-110 square feet per person for open workstations.
10 to 100 square feet of quiet space for every ten workstations.

How Big Space do you Need for a Home Office?

If you’re searching for a lovely spot to put that additional desk you bought, but you don’t plan on working from home every day, you might want to try a smaller home office space. Setting up an office space in a bedroom, guest room, or living room can be done in a variety of ways.

This allows you the option of using a single room for different purposes while also allowing you to devote fewer total square feet to your home office space that isn’t used regularly.
We have come across the most approximate size for your home-based office to give you a precise idea on that note-

Hobbyist Home Office

  • Size- 20 to 50 SqFt
  • Best For- Part-time remote work, hobby work
  • Location- Corner of bedroom/ living room
  • Set as- small desk, chair, small storage

Full-Time Remote Worker

  • Size- 50 to 100 SqFt
    *Best for- Full-time remote work, 30-40 hours per week
    *Location- Corner of room, small den, large closet
  • Set as- Average desk, chair, average storage

Battle Station

  • Size- 100 to 200+ SqFt
  • Best for Full time remote work, also used for reading, writing, web surfing
  • Location- Full bedroom, large den Multiple desks, multiple chairs, above-average storage

Which Parts of your house can be used as a Home Office?

If you’re wanting to upgrade your home office space or are just getting started as a full-time remote worker, a larger open space, a spacious closet, or a small bedroom can all be used as a dedicated home office. When most people think of a “home office,” they picture something like this.

A normal work-from-home office size should be between 50 and 100 square feet. This will provide you enough room for a larger L-shaped desk (if wanted), a comfy office chair, a variety of storage options, and potentially even a tiny writing or standing desk if you like to switch things up during the day.

Some apartments and houses feature a “den” designed particularly for work. Other homes include spacious closets that can be converted into soundproof offices. Finally, you may simply wish to reorganize your bedroom to create the ideal live-work environment, where you can be comfortable in bed or at your workstation within a few steps.

Choosing a Chair and a Desk

It’s critical to get the correct desk and chair for your home office. Choose a desk that will accommodate your computer as well as any other items you’ll need to do your work. This might be an in-tray, a place to save reference materials, or a place to jot down ideas. Your workstation should be at least 48″ (120cm) wide after placing a pc on it.

If all you need is a laptop, though, you can get by with less. The majority of individuals choose a width of 60” (150cm) or greater. While a height-adjustable desk is desirable, it isn’t always practicable in a home office.

Choose a desk that isn’t too high – a range of 28″-30″ (70-75cm) is suitable. If you want to save money, get a good-quality chair that is both comfy and adaptable.

Personalize your Home- Office

Don’t be a slacker when it comes to fashion! Working from home has the advantage of allowing you to customize the look and feel of your workspace. Match the design and decor of your home office to the rest of your house.

Consider what motivates you. It could be a beloved painting, a collection of mementos, or a vibrant paint color. When designing your home office, remember to include these unique touches. It will make you feel at ease and brighten your day.

Final Words

No one ever thought the whole world would just shatter into pieces just because of a tiny piece of germ (COVID-19). But things just go the way we always want, right? The home-office method also comes in that term and this is why we’ve got all the relatable things regarding it.

Make sure to not organize a house location that is smaller than our above-mentioned size, nor too large. If you still have any questions in mind, you can ask us without any hesitation. So, don’t be nervous, start your journey and remember, we always have your back!

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